JIMMY HO tattoo family origin, where the father are the first generation of Hong Kong Master Ho Ah tattoo before. Ho tattoo shop to a West-chip names, called "The Rose Tattoo", is located in Mirador Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui, the convenience of the sixties, through Hong Kong, go to the battlefield soldiers sailors.
Hong Kong, one of the tattoo as a teacher, Jimmy over the past four decades, are at the political arena and the arts between the steel online migration. Mr President of the Hong Kong master Professor tattoo, TATTOO ARTISTS, a member of the World tattoo, tattoo Global members, has 40 years of tattoo experience, works beautifully skilled, Keep improving, over the years to countless domestic and foreign friends, star pattern who are to receive higher levels of evaluation, many students, year-round enrollment packets will be teaching package may be an independent shop or beauty salon into the higher job.