§ About Tattoo§

Tattoos are a unique art form. General can be divided into two categories, permanent tattoo, temporary tattoo for one category. Temporary tattoo more common, such as tattoo stickers, body painting and so on. Here mainly on the introduction of some of the characteristics of a permanent tattoo.

Permanent tattoo (tattoos) As the name suggests is on the make up Forever to remain in you, do not have special skills can not be easily removed, such as patterns or characters, which is home for most people it is quite difficult to accept, especially in the early liberation of ordinary people's views on the tattoo has always been regarded as a secret society, and been in prison, such as a symbol of the crowd, it is difficult to accept there is a deep and even discrimination. In fact, tattoos have been abroad on hundred years of development history, is a symbol of the United States embodies the personality of art forms. Abroad to have tattoos in general there is no hostile crowd, especially among young people are very representative, will be considered personal liberation, are part of life, not only has the vitality it with pride.

Tattoo originated in ancient times totem worship, after the change of history, and gradually become a reflection of sexy and charming fashion. Modern tattoo popular in the United States after the Second World War, widows in order to commemorate their deceased husband and the text of a lifetime memory. Modern tattoo start from the mid-19th century development, the main are the invention of advanced tattoo equipment to tattoo equipment machinery replaced hand-made (of course, also hand-made style, but very slow), to achieve a rapid, accurate purpose, followed by the emergence of plant color pigment so that the tattoo will not only draw the division more attractive tattoo design also saves energy and time division, has been greatly reduced stria by the suffering and pain in time.

This way all over the world, especially Western countries, tattoo art in one hundred years has been the rapid development of the complex can be painted pattern is also a significant increase in design, making the formation of a variety of tattoo art genres and styles, here for a brief U.S. tattoo style Category:

The first is: totem

Stria painting by painting belong to the typical pattern on the totem tattoo粗旷with the original sense of people bring a sense of beauty and imaginative. Mentioned earlier that the early religious tribal tattoo now also been adopted by many in the modern tattoo occupy very important position.

The second: portrait

Portrait tattoo of the tattoo age groups the most extensive, because character portrait tattoo on the tattoo are very important: such as have their loved ones, some of their idols, some in order to commemorate their friends, some to his admiration of the portrait of people to encourage ourselves and so on. Figures for portrait tattoo tattoo teacher must have a very thick foundation of the painting. This painting has a deep contact.

The third: color pattern
This type in fact too general, but they can not be broken down, perhaps only the classified. Since color images, including all of the color of the typical and atypical tattoo. Comparison of the majority of people love this kind of tattoo, this type of tattoos are fashionable and have耐看, and has strong vitality.

The fourth category: Japanese-style tattoo

Japanese-style tattoo gives people the feeling is very direct, there is a strong visual impact. At around the world are a very important position occupied tattoo style. To convey the contents of it are in fact very much the traditional characteristics of Japanese culture, but now there is a large group of tattoo enthusiasts love this style of tattoo design. Oriental tattoos are representative.

For everyone in the above-mentioned introduction of several tattoo styles, now for the U.S. to explain some common sense questions tattoo, most people enjoy on the tattoo but not limited to only want to own a general, because of the reasons was afraid of the pain caused In fact, tattoos are pain anyone can bear (except for some particularly sensitive parts of things: such as: inner thighs, side rib, tuck, this number of locations than any other location in general slightly more pain) OK tattoo division give the guests to do at the time the tattoo is generally not bleeding, tattoo machine operation only in the epidermis, even if the pain has been sharp objects like scratching a bit left red feeling, just the tattoo done there will be relief-like protrusions . But want to know if and paste tattoo tattoo paper did not feel the same as it does not have its unique charm of the. It holds the charm lies in overcoming the pain this kind of psychological disorder want to display their courage and desire distinctive personality, which belong to the lives of those passionate people.

Tattoo 2 hours after the completion of necessary parts of warm water wash the tattoo, you can use the bath liquid soap, then wipe clean. Tattoos after the completion of the site clean, do not arbitrarily applied drugs, so as to avoid damage to the overall US-fade. Tattoos at the site has not yet healed when, in order to avoid bacterial infection can not go swimming or go sauna. Try not to tattoo at the site of excessive drinking during the repair, otherwise they will cause discoloration stria Green site. After the time to do not to go too concerned about it, let the natural healing scab, peeling, rehabilitation, the overall recovery time required approximately a week or so (bear in mind not to scar at the course because of itching away抓挠tattoo site Otherwise, there will be fading and the lines disconnected situation !!!)。

Tattoo Tattoo major divisions are major tattoo tattoo equipment used on the text. By one or more organic color dye composition, which is characterized by the same dye was injected into the depth of the deep dermis, epidermal little, using more ink, treatment more difficult, including the appearance look much color, border color clear, uniform staining, used for the color components of red mercury agents, yellow for cadmium Materials, green for chromium-containing materials. Cobalt blue material. Over time, the color may be faded, especially red and yellow.
Amateur tattoos of the stria system or many friends for their own purposes, usually gray or blue-black. Pigments commonly used for carbon or India ink, domestic ink tends to be used internally, and its pigment ink easily cracked than India. Uneven distribution of color in the skin at different depths, the edge is not sharp, the lack of bright colors and patterns.
Cosmetology tattoos most commonly found in the text, Brunei and the Sultan of eyeliner brow, quite often at women. Commonly used for the color brown, black and red ink, these inks often contain iron ions or iron oxide, the system for many hand-finish. Eye treatment applications around the metal protection goggles, look out want treatment.

Traumatic tattoos are post-traumatic rupture of the skin with the entry of foreign matter, foreign matter, including glass, metal, soil and carbon material can be located in the skin of the deep tissue, and wrapped the formation of granuloma. Tattoo of patients received frozen, resection of scar formation, such as treatment, but also increased the difficulty of treatment.

Tattoo Histopathological demonstrated that it is located in the dermis of pigment particles at different depths to the shallow dermis, the middle connective tissue surrounding blood vessels often can see a small amount of one small package and contains lymphatic pigment particles small package phagocytosis. Tattoos can happen at the local lesion, such as cutaneous tuberculosis, suppurative disease or keloids, also reported in the text has happened in the skin basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma cases. Tattoos can also cause allergic reactions in some. The most commonly found in mercury, chromium and cobalt compounds, the occurrence of dermatitis and the tattoo granuloma. The latter showed histopathological type sarcoidosis, tattoo particles disseminated throughout the sarcoidosis infiltrating type of reaction.