§ Tattoo Knowledge§

How many tattoos is a painful process, in order to allow more easily the process of tattooing, tattoo before everyone give me some suggestions for reference.

1, in order to maintain adequate sleep, have a good mental state.

2, not to drink, or taking drugs.

3, if a long time NOT to eat, before tattoos must have to eat to avoid fasting.

4, it is necessary to have not to tattoo the site of injury, break, or sun exposure.

5, try to wear loose clothing, can reveal the site of the tattoo.

After the tattoo should pay attention to more important matters, if the protection of the poor will directly affect the tattoo effect.

1, tattoo finish 3-4 hours after the tattoo with warm water to clean parts that can be used bath and then towel dry hygiene, maintaining dry, daily cleaning. Bath is not only a shower.

2, not to smear any tattoo ointment ointment to avoid discoloration, damage to the overall aesthetic.

3, at the site of the tattoo has not fully recovered before the non-swimming, sauna, sun, sea.

4, 3-5 days a scab, peeling, itching are normal situation, do not pull the scratch, such as scab fall off naturally. At this point can be the proper use of Body Lotion.

5, tattoo if the pattern in the joints or stretch easily pull the site, attention should be paid when the action scab not be too big, to avoid scar dehiscence, affect future appearance.

When you decide to tattoo, it carefully to find you credible tattoo shop. But often there is some cases are not suitable for tattoos, so I suggest that everyone is best off to avoid these situations to take action later.

1, ill. If you suffer from skin diseases, diabetes, heart disease, hepatitis, severe hypoglycemia and other chronic diseases, these cases do not fit the tattoo, and so required further rehabilitation after the tattoo.

2, requested to cover the scars. However, wound healing, less than three months or three months have passed but not yet fully healed, and will have extreme pain or bleeding, have to wait until the wound completely restore tattoo.

3, severe burns. Burn the skin has been damaged, if the pattern at the site will appear barbed bleeding at this site should not therefore stria thorn.

4, want the use of animal blood tattoo. Do not attempt this method is not hygiene. Animal blood injected into the human body will have rejection, infection situation.

5, If you want to tattoo persons under the age of 18, please do not tattoo. Avoiding sophisticated idea of a young man after the impulse to regret, or adult after another tattoo also not too late.

6, during pregnancy and lactation. At the early stage of pregnancy and postnatal two-month pregnant woman not to tattoo the best, because external causes easily lead to the stimulation side effects.

7, there is mental illness, or depression, paranoia and other mental. Patients have mental illness, please carefully select the tattoo.